Twitch Aims to Open Twitch Camp & Twitch Academy to Train Live Streamers and Develop to Uplift the Live Streaming Industry in Thailand

Twitch the leading service and community for multiplayer entertainment aims to fully penetrate the entertainment live streaming platform industry in Thailand. Indicating that the streaming industry will continue to grow tremendously especially in the e-sports sector with support from the private and public sector. Twitch reiterated that this year, the company will open Twitch Camp and Twitch Academy to enhance skills for streamers, and train them to create heart-capturing content to expand the audience and become a Professional Live Streamer. 

Mr. Nandu Madhava, Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, ANZ, Taiwan, and India said that 2018 was another great year for Twitch as there was an increase of 86% of streamers who were able to monetarize from their channels. Globally 248,000 streamers had become Affiliate members while 7,800 others became Partners. Furthermore, the number of streamers per month rose from 2 million to 3 million streamers in 2018, with almost 500,000 streamers who live-stream every day. As a result, there was an average of 1 million active users at any given time. The time these users spent on Twitch also jumped up to 434 billion minutes from the beginning of 2018 till now.

Resulting in Thailand becoming one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is growing continuously and fast, this is truly an eye captivating market for the online games and e-sport markets. One of the main positive factors that influences this growth is the support from government sector that encourages the establishment of the E-Sport Association of Thailand and continuously drive all privately-owned business related to games to move forward to capture the hearts of new and young generation. The popularity of gaming and e-sports industry also opens new doors for people to adopt this as a career, generate income and gain acceptance in the society, thus the number of streamers in Thailand is expected to grow.

As a result, Twitch will focus its business direction on supporting live streamers by educating and helping the streamers to see how effective Twitch Entertainment Platform and easily accessible it is for the millennials. In addition to this support, Twitch plans to strengthen the community by providing them with Twitch Camp and Twitch Academy to train live streamers useful skills within this year. Twitch will continue to progress its cooperation with various partners such as mobile phone network providers, game-makers to organize activities to cater the live streamers and its fans. This gives them an opportunity to meet and talk, exchange opinions and experiences with one another as well as to strengthen the relationship of the community in the country to become stronger than ever before. Recently, Twitch Fan Meeting 2019 was held at Thailand Game Expo by AIS eSports at the end of May and the results are very successful and well received by the participants.

Ms. Jirattikarn Suthiwannarat, Director of Content in Thailand shares that Twitch’s streamers will have various levels of memberships ranging from Twitch Rookie to Affiliate and then to Partner level, Twitch has a clear requirements on how the membership ranking works. Members at both levels can generate revenue and build an audience from live streaming on their own channels for the audience to follow, watch and support through various methods such as sending Bits or subscribing monthly or annually. The Live Streaming channels are divided into 2 types: content on games and non-game sector, such as a Talk Show, Travelling, Daily Life, Sharing Opinions and Tips and so on.

Currently, popular games that Thai people likes to engage in on this live streaming platform are First Person Shooter (FPS) such as PUBG and CS: GO; Role-Playing Games (RPG) such as Grand Theft Auto V; Multi-Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) such as Dota2 and LOL (League of Legend). Twitch also discovered that women live streamers are gaining more popularity such as Jinny_Pinkunotori, MiTHJinNy, xLapisLazulix, Pangchom, dalunahh and Purple Mood E-Sport, a hot new female E-Sport live streamer. This shows that live streamers are not longer limited to just men, but it depends on the skills and preference of the streamers and audience.

With the increasing number of live streamers in Thailand, Twitch sees the importance of preparing the up and coming streamers to practice and learn new skills to maintain and be professional live streamers. Twitch, therefore, marches forward with the opening of Twitch Camp, a learning source for growth and development, this will support streamers to creating interesting and heart-capturing content to attract new audience and expand the viewers which will result in more income and success for the streamers. In addition, Twitch also prepares to open Twitch Academy in partnership with leading University that offers Multimedia Major and E-Sports Major to prepare and support students to become professional and skillful people, as well as to drive the online gaming industry forward.

Mr. Nandu further explained that the main strength of Twitch that has made it successful and popular around the world, including Thailand, is its most powerful and effective live streaming platform. There are many features and tools that support live streaming as well as creating content in various formats. In addition, there is a model for generating revenue for live streamers. In addition to this is the community which is very important as that focuses on creating participation and building a strong relationship between the streamers and the audience.